What Shall I Offer Thee?
Mary Southers

What shall I give O Lord to thee
And to thy church, thy spotless bride
What portion of my means shall be
My offering to the crucified?

O blessed Savior when I see
In vision cross-crowned Calvary
What can I give—what offer make
As fitting gift, for thy dear sake?

What rather Lord can I withhold
From thee who gave all to me
What service hard—what treasured gold
Upon thine altar offer free?

Oh Savior dear, no gift of mine
Could ever be compared with thine
What alms or labor can I give
Like dying love, which bade me live?

What shall I bring, Oh sacred heart
Which beats for sinners—love divine
Let me not feebly offer part
Nay let my life be wholly thine?

Thus, blest redeemer at Thy call
Let me with gladness offer all
In Thy dear service wide and free
To give and give, unselfishly!



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