book reviews
Lent 2020
Advent 2019
Michaelmas 2019
Trinity 2019
Easter 2019
The Hemingway Files
  by H. K. Bush

Reviewed by Edward Uehling
Singing the Congregation
  by Monique M. Ingalls

Shout to the Lord
  by Ari Y. Kelman
Reviewed by Josh Langhoff
Lent 2019
Advent-Christmas 2018
Michaelmas 2018
What Will Soon Take Place
  by Tania Runyan

Reviewed by Nathaniel Lee Hansen
Trinity 2018
Uncommon Prayer
  by Michael Plekon

Reviewed by Nicholas Denysenko
  by Jeffrey Galbraith

Reviewed by Katie Karnehm-Esh
Easter 2018
Lent 2018
Advent 2017
book reviews
Michaelmas 2017
Tasty Other
  by Katie Manning

Reviewed by Rebekah Denison Hewitt
Trinity 2017
From Nothing
  by Anya Krugovoy Silver

Reviewed by Jeffrey Galbraith
Easter 2017
Lent 2017
Wake, Sleeper
  by Bryan Parys

Reviewed by Liz Boltz Ranfeld
Advent-Christmas 2016
Michaelmas 2016
Trinity 2016
Easter 2016
Lent 2016
Not in God's Name
  by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Reviewed by Thomas Albert Howard
These Intricacies
  by Dave Harrity

Reviewed by Brad Fruhauff
Advent-Christmas 2015
Michaelmas 2015
The World Made Straight
  by Ron Rash

Reviewed by Martha Greene Eads
Go Set A Watchman
  by Harper Lee

Reviewed by Fredrick Barton
  by Yuval Noah Harari

Reviewed by David K. Weber
The Martian
  by Andy Weir

Reviewed by Jennifer Miller
Trinity 2015
The Book of Strange New Things
  by Michel Faber

Reviewed by Susan Bruxvoort Lipscomb
Easter 2015
Lent 2015
  by Marilynne Robinson

Reviewed by Mel Piehl
Advent-Christmas 2014
Light upon Light
  by Sarah Arthur

Reviewed by Nathaniel Lee Hansen
  by Hugh Howey

Reviewed by Erin Strybis
Michaelmas 2014
Trinity 2014
Second Sky
  by Tania Runyan

Reviewed by Nathaniel Lee Hansen
Easter 2014
A Season for Change
A review essay by Jennifer L. Miller
Lent 2014
Advent/Christmas 2013
Michaelmas 2013
Trinity 2013
Easter 2013
Lent 2013
Advent-Christmas 2012
  by Elaine Pagels

Reviewed by Don W. Davis
Michaelmas 2012
Trinity 2012
Easter 2012
Framing the Secular: A Review Essay
Reviewed by Matthew Lundin
Lent 2012
Advent-Christmas 2011
  by Jennifer Haigh

Reviewed by Martha Greene Eads
Michaelmas 2011
The Aryan Jesus
  by Susannah Heschel

Reviewed by Thomas Albert Howard
Trinity 2011
A Journey
  by Tony Blair
Decision Points
  by George W. Bush

Reviewed by Todd C. Ream and
Cory M. Sprunger
Easter 2011
Lit: A Memoir
  by Mary Karr

Reviewed by Martha Greene Eads
Lent 2011
Advent-Christmas 2010
Michaelmas 2010
Trinity 2010
Easter 2010
Lent 2010
Theater and Incarnation
  by Max Harris

Reviewed by David S. Cunningham
Advent/Christmas 2009
Michaelmas 2009
Original Sin: A Cultural History
  by Alan Jacobs

Reviewed by Benjamin J. B. Lipscomb
  by Mary Oliver

Reviewed by D. S. Martin
Trinity 2009
Easter 2009
Lent 2009
Advent Christmas 2008
Michaelmas 2008
Trinity 2008
Easter 2008
Lent 2008
Bible Road
  by Sam Fentress

Reviewed by Matthew S. Hedstrom
Advent/Christmas 2007
Michaelmas 2007
All That Is
  by Arthur Peacocke

Reviewed by James F. Moore
Trinity 2007
Easter 2007
Lent 2007
The Redemptive Self
  by Dan McAdams

Reviewed by James M. Nelson
Advent/Christmas 2006
Michaelmas 2006
The People's Work
  by Frank C. Senn

Reviewed by Michael B. Aune
  by John Perry

Reviewed by David Perry
Trinity 2006
Easter 2006
Lent 2006
Teaching as Believing
  by Chris Anderson

Reviewed by Gregory E. Ganssle
Advent/Christmas 2005
The Narnian
  by Alan Jacobs

Reviewed by David Weber
Michaelmas 2005
Catching Light
  by Roy Anker

Reviewed by Conrad Oswalt
Trinity 2005
People Get Ready
  by Robert Darden

Reviewed by Teresa L. Reed


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