ask is have / against the tide,"/>
After Christopher Smart
Devon Miller-Duggan (bio)

Strong against earth and air
where ask is have
against the tide,
where lion’s eyes glister and burn like steel
and bastions pray the breast of prayer
and horses run the sea of pride
and nothing there cools the oceans.
For strong as seas against the tide,
for pray is have and have to,
for lions run across the waves
for waves are stilled with filth,
for coal burns through my skin,
for coal burns through my breastbone,
for coal becomes my heart and beats
for burning,
for burning oceans,
for the raven flies toward the ark
to say the oceans have been boiled.
Strong against the earth,
we have asked to have and have again.
Strong against the rains and oceans,
should the ark be sunk to
feed the cycle’s end.
Should clear be both weep and heart?

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