Our 19 Most Popular Stories of 2019

   1. How Big Is Lake Michigan? (Easter 2019)
        Daniel Silliman

   2. My Son Speaks in Hymns (Easter 2019)
        Hilary Yancey

   3. Escaping the Web of White Supremacy:
        Our Most Urgent Task in the Work of Character Formation
(Advent-Christmas 2019)
        Richard T. Hughes

   4. So Late So Soon? Perspectives on Time Among Older Women (Michaelmas 2019)
       Dot Nuechterlein

   5. In Memoriam, Alma Mater (Trinity 2019)
        George C. Heider

   6. All in the Family: Making Over Motherhood for Mutual Flourishing (Trinity 2019)
        Agnes R. Howard

   7. Three Little Words (Michaelmas 2019)
        David Heddendorf

   8. Hope in Lutheran America (Michaelmas 2019)
        Angela Denker

   9. Liminal Links: Church in a Digital Age (Michaelmas 2019)
        A. Trevor Sutton

   10. Human Conditions: Defining the Terms of Forgiveness (Michaelmas 2019)
        Mark R. Schwehn

   11. Follow Mist (Michaelmas 2019)
        John Poch

  12. Buen Camino: Blessed Are Those Whose Hearts Are Set on Pilgrimage (Michaelmas 2019)
       David K. Weber

  13. Crossed Lines: The Importance of Translation in an Era of Growing Political Difference
        (Michaelmas 2019)
        Peter C. Meilaender

   14. On Being Asked What Would Jesus Do in IKEA (Trinity 2019)
        Matthew Landrum

   15. The Radical Potential of Aretha Franklin's Amazing Grace (Michaelmas 2019)
        Josh Langhoff

   16. Any Tree, Incredibly (Trinity 2019)
        Jacob Walhout

   17. Updike or Moses? Artists, Intellectuals, and the People of God (Lent 2019)
        David Heddendorf

   18. The Accidental Ecumenist (Easter 2019)
        Lisa DeBoer

   19. What's OK About Lutherans? (Lent 2019)
        Jon Pahl

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