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Curtiss Paul DeYoung


Articles available in our print edition.

in luce tua
Still Less than Perfect
James Paul Old


literature and the arts
music: Plant's Long Journey
J. D. Buhl
fiction: Telling Truth through Fiction
Kevin Hoffman


pulpit and pew: "What's So Funny Up There?"
Tom Willadsen
being lutheran: Being Evangelical Again
Mark D. Williamson


public affairs
nation: The Changing Face of American Religion
Robert Benne
law: The Diné's Dilemma
Ezra Rosser


Xanthippe's Side of the Dialogue
Nancy G. Westerfield
A Net of Seven Graces
Steven Schroeder
Breaking Through
J. T. Ledbetter
Garage Prayers
Jan Bowman
The Cost of Fire
Christian Knoeller




the attic
Vocation: Life, Not Career
Martin E. Marty