Simon Peter
D. S. Martin (bio)

After they’d climbed the hilltop  there came the switch
The scene suddenly defied comprehension  bright
streams of light poured from every pore of the Lord’s being
& glistened white from every transfigured stitch
in his clothing  obscuring all else  The others
awestruck  knew enough to listen & watch
but Peter mumbled something asinine  wanting to set
up little shrines for Christ & the two prophets

His tongue often stumbled ahead  He wouldn’t let
the Lord wash his feet  & then wanted to be washed
head to foot  He’d follow to the death  he said
but blurted denial to a little servant girl  Yet
he’d stepped over the gunwale into the wake
of their storm-tossed ship  he dove into the lake
to reach Christ on the beach  & put first into speech
the foundation rock that would change the world

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